Our Staffing Services

We believe that caring is more than just a job– it’s a way of life.

Non-qualified staff

  • Service Career
  • Health Assistant
  • Support Worker
  • Ancilliary

Qualified staff

  • Registered Nurse

Safeguard Healthcare Recruitment

Our Vision
To provide the most consistent‚ reliable‚ efficient and immediate staffing solutions all in a competitive rate for our clients and the healthcare industry partners.
Our Mission
To recruit top quality candidates and provide high quality staffing to meet our clients’ needs promptly and efficiently.

We have built a long standing relationship based on trust with both of clients and candidates. We aim to provide our clients with the best quality service in healthcare.

Excellent Care

Safeguard Healthcare Recruitment will go beyond just “caring” through serving our clients in a prompt and efficient manner.


Our values are the reason for our company’s existence.